Welcome to CDI Professional Services LLC

Window cleaning is our star service. These are commercial and residential cleaning services. In addition we use innovative techniques of cleaning (pure water system) to clean windows of tall buildings and in order to reduce maintenance of the windows. This system the dirt adheres less in the glass, so that the windows do not need as much maintenance.

The window washing methods involve making a professional service. We always clean up and down, cleaning first window frames and woodwork. Then we wet it with a professional tool with wet microfiber with cotton, after which we dry them with professional rubber squeegee. After completing the process, we clean the rails of the windows, leaving a perfect job. We always use a chemical neutral, green, environmentally friendly, and completely biodegradable.

We can clean any glass surface, buildings glass, shops, malls, solar panels, homes, etc.

Products also are anti-fog, for spas or saunas, in which the crystals produces moisture staining and prevent transparency and exterior vision. Products also are anti-fingerprint, which as the name implies, prevents fingerprints of remaining impregnated in crystals, and are used in places like malls doors or buildings where the influx of people is very important , preventing the doors to be cleaned all the time.